~♢~ The New Moon doesn’t share much light, but the molten lava reflects red on the choppy waters. Futhra’durn of Towers Windward, third of six, and former Lahar Adept, traces the finely designed lines of a newly forged warhammer. Its handle is beautifully ornate. The base is emblazoned with the symbol of his family’s idol, a swirl of black storm clouds. The hammer itself was blackened with necromantic enchantment, a shade he’d likened to the shadow Amorida casts on the new moon. The hammer was a gift. Though it didn’t feel like one. It enshrined his new position as Lahar Master. A prestigious position that would have meant a great deal to him in the past. Now the chains of Heket have manacled his desire. To make weapons for Heket was never his intent. He grasped the warhammer tightly and breathed out slowly. He decided, a fine weapon it was. It will not go to waste. Picking himself up from the shores of jagged volcanic rock. He follows the molten river back to Tower Forge. Futhra’durn enters the gateway adorned with the mantra of the Windward Towers "In the Storm we Forge”. The oranges, reds, and yellows sizzle from the sluice gates, feeding into the iron molds. The rhythmic clink of metalwork rings in his heart. The basalt statues of his forefathers that line the forge’s halls seem to wait in quiet judgment over his hurried steps. Up the tower stairs he could glimpse, from the narrow windows, many more towers and walls of dark castle that climb Hith’al’dune, The Old Heart Volcano, and life blood of Rith’uge. They too look down in quiet judgment and solemn reckoning. At last he reaches the door. In The Storm We Forge, it says to him again. He pushes through. A silver dragonborn who considers a map of the Lore Ocean raises a scaled brow at him. “Does your offer still stand, old friend?” ~♢~

POPULATION: ~100,000,000
CAPITAL: Tar’ith’omn
SYMBOL: An eight-pointed black star.
STABILITY: Occupied by Heket


A representative from each family governs Rith’uge. There are ~20 families, here are a few of them:
FAMILY OF TOWERS CALDERA: Often considered the wealthiest and most powerful of the families. These towers sit the highest on the volcano's side.
FAMILY OF TOWERS WINDWARD: Speciality in blacksmithing, forging, and smelting using the best forge in Rith’uge.
FAMILY OF TOWERS TEPHRA: Specialty in gems and minerals used in adornment and enchantment.
FAMILY OF TOWERS PTERA: Specialty in the care and raising of bat colonies. The Rookery is one of their towers.
FAMILY OF TOWERS SCORIA: Speciality in martial training, and forms of combat.
FAMILY OF TOWERS MAAR: Speciality in docks, boats, trade via sea, and seafaring. Known to deal with pirates.

History and Culture

THE PEOPLE: Orcs, Fire Newts, Hobgoblins, Fire Genasi


Explosive and chaotic is how Rith’uge came into being. Denizens of Rith’uge believe that magma is in their veins, and their ancestors being was born with the volcano’s formation.


Each royal family has an idol, a lesser god that they believe watches over the family. Elemental gods, especially those of fire, nature, and magic are often worshiped. Gods of forging are also highly regarded. The Order of Marviera also has some ties in Rith’uge as piracy and the ideals of free will, and taking what you please rings true to many in Rith’uge.


LAVA TUBING: Using specialized sleds mainly teenagers will dangerously rocket down the many intertwining and vacant lava tubes.
BOTANY: Host to many strange and magical plants that survive harsh conditions attracts many interested in their existence or their useful properties.

~♢~ Encompassing a continent with a very large active volcano, Rith’uge has a landscape of jagged volcanic rock, with a host of strange and magical plants that can survive continuous lava flows. Home to The Castle of a Hundred Towers, the capital city is embedded into the side of this volcano. Metalwork, and smithing is a prized profession in Rith’uge, and therefore weapons from Rith’uge blacksmiths are prized possessions. In the skies you will often see the garrison flying horse-sized bat mounts. Fire newts and striders live in the rivers of lava and help denizens divert lava flows away from unprotected settlements. Rith’uge is a common place for trade by the sea, though only to the other kingdoms under Heket rule. However, the Lore Ocean is ripe with piracy, and trade ships, especially those specifically going towards Heket, are targeted the most by Lore’s pirates. It’s become somewhat of a problem for Rith’uge, as a good number of pirate’s come from Rith’uge itself. ~♢~


A small continent created by one massive active volcano. Surrounded by the Lore Ocean. Heket lies close to the East. It is mostly covered in jagged rock, rivers of lava, and sparse vegetation, but in some places, in the nutrient rich volcanic soil, groves of vibrant plant life thrive.

Places of Note

THE CASTLE OF A HUNDRED TOWERS: Divided into groups of towers with each group belonging to a royal family. It sprawls across the landscape from sea to volcano summit.
HITH’AL’DUNE: Otherwise known as The Old Heart, it is the ancient volcano that forms a large portion of Rith’uge.
THE ROOKERY: The home of Rith’uges famous colony of horse-sized bats. Partly constructed, and partly Chiro Cave, this rookery houses all sorts of species of very large bats.
QUAKEWATCH KEEP: A base to monitor the activities of Hith’al’dune. The team here prevents serious damage from lava flows, earthquakes, and eruptions through magical and non magical means.