Hark fellow traveller!

Here lies all my things dungeons and dragons related. I am filled with bees about dungeons and dragons. That is to say I vibrate and sweat a painful amount when thinking about or playing DnD. We've got my characters! We've got the little world I made for a pirate-themed campaign! And we've got a couple of oneshots that I made as well! Get lost in the magical forest of my DnD page...


It's a pirates world baby!

Amordia is an amalgamation of all the fun fantasy tropes and generas spread out over Nine Kingdoms (+ aliens). It has all the best scenery including lots of beach destinations, big ol' statues, dinosaurs, deadly whirpools, and of course, rifts in time and space. Feel free to check out some of the world lore. Or follow the adventures of our bitchy pirate gang aboard the sentient ship "Zutaras Cannon". OR the other pirates (cursed) in their journey to stop a cultural figurehead from being kidnapped via a Skywrite spell...above the entire city...where they know said kidnapper also is.


What's better then some perfectly packaged fun?

The Isle of the Grave
A oneshot about death. You start off dead and you stay dead, mostly. This oneshot is one of my favorite things I have every created for DnD!

The Restless Grave
Death 2: not as banger of a name, but is more focused on the history of the characters that went through Death 1!

Deep Space N
A collection of sequential onsehots (but not a campaign I promise), aboard the StarShip Glacier where characters are awoken from crryo-sleep for some space missio.

A Ripple in a Dream
A not yet played oneshot where all the character have some connection to the world of sleep and dreams.

My Characters

I have a binder full of them!

Lets Go Lesbians

Sheep - My first Character!
Three lesbians and one snake (may we never say his name agian) join forces to solve a murder at Party City, a glass mansion owned by celebrity Veronica Violet and not the store that supplies party goods. But no-one could predict what would next happen outside the glass walls of Party City (well except our most amazing and wonderful DM).

MILF Cruisers aka OG Space

Kalvel of the Wastelanders
Memory wiped. Rebooted. And signed her life away to be on a Holodirect entertainment show until her debt was paid off. Rest in Peace MILF xxxx - xxxx TPK'ed by a black hole.

Space II the Sequel

Crash Levondowski and Crater of the Wastelanders
Following the events of Kalvel's untimely death, our next Space party was on the side of the rebel alliance against the mega-corporation HoloDirect.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Animal Style

Trillian Whynn
A bard who can't whistle and also is a screech owl. Set in the Wild Beyond the Witchlight setting except all of the races have been replaced by little animal people. Just like Redwall for real!

Evil Ikea Santa

Signa the Runt
Ah yes, the Christmas episode. You know the one. Where Santa is evil and six people who have never met before come together to kill him in an Ikea that Santa has booby trapped especially for them. That one.

Deep Space N

Killian Janus (K.J.)
On board The Glacier, a cryoship owned and operated by Holodirect, we get the chance to wake up new characters out of their frozen slumber for space-themed oneshots. Who knows what mission they'll be perfectly selected for next!