~♢~ Camilla took her usual morning route through the cobblestone streets of Daje on her way to the Hall of Creation. She gave a passing wave to Oriole and his mechanical kestrel who whirred and whistled at her wave. Oriole was on his way to work too. Though his tawny hands may be unmarred now, by day’s end Camilla will pass him once more, covered in soot and grease from toiling in the tinker shop. Such is the way in Myrin. She will no doubt hear the dull thuds of failed experiments, and twang of metalwork as the sun makes its way through the sky. Onwards she reaches a green knoll dotted in daisies, atop which is a familiar building, towering over Camilla in her small gnome stature. Its imposing bronze arches were a nearly holy sight, a place to worship magic and machine. At least that’s how some seem to treat it. Camilla saw it as it was, a place to celebrate the innovation and artistry of artificers. She climbed the steps to the Hall of Creation, the scent of morning dew rising from the tall grass. At the doors of the Hall she could see much more of Daje’s Artisan district. The roofs of the teal and copper houses, shops, and smitheries roll with the hills they were built on. She takes out a hefty key, placing it into an equally hefty lock. Gears click and complain, pulling the great doors open. The shutters yawn open from floor to ceiling, illuminating the artificial wonders of Myrin. Camilla hops onto her seat in the ticket booth, tucks a few stray strands of hair back into her bandana, and awaits the first visitor. ~♢~

POPULATION: ~200,000,000
SYMBOL: Teal and bronze oak tree, with its roots wrapped around a star.
STABILITY: Occupied by Heket

The government is held by a council with three leading positions:
THE HEART BINDER - Libratore Ale
As head of the council the Heart Binder breaks the tie vote. They represent diplomacy, artistry, and the heart of the people.
Provides insight and is an expert on Myrin’s intellectual matters. Education, workshops, libraries, and other studies come under their purview.
THE STERN UMBRA - Firgo Ciresi
They oversee aspects of military, and defense. Though, they also take a secondary interest in infrastructure.
The rest of the council each represents a different aspect of governance.

History and Culture

THE PEOPLE: Wood elves, Hill dwarves, Halflings, Firbolgs, Pixies

Common legend is that long ago, Selune sent a few stars crashing down to Amordia. They landed in Myrin, each forming the first people of that continent.
Outside of the big cities, and into the agricultural districts you will see shrines to gods of farming and harvest. Within cities, temples are dedicated to the gods of crafting, magic, and forging. Selune is also often worshiped as the history of Myrin is closely tied with Selune.
FAIR OF GATHERED COGS: Inventors from around the world are invited to showcase their best creations.
SEVEN MEAL DAY: The first of spring is celebrated with a day of eating and dancing, but mostly eating.
SWEETNESS: A day dedicated to kindness and sweet treats. This day often amounts to ridiculous antics where people try to outdo each other's niceness.

~♢~ In hilly grasslands, the homes are squat, often disappearing into grasses as tall as the houses. In the red canyons, homes are built into, and carved from cliff faces. One popular pastime throughout Myrin is inventing, tinkering, and artificing. Once a year, builders of all sorts are invited to show off their skills in a Little Science Fair style expo. Automatons and steam-powered doodly-whats-its chug down the cobblestone streets. Most people in Myrin are extremely generous, sending grain and gold to others in need, and offering a place to sleep for travelers with no means to pay for lodgings. As such they came under Heket rule with no war, as both Bazel, and Rith’uge had been devastated in past years until their eventual defeat. Myrin made a democratic vote, after Heket proposed it’s occupation, and the majority wished to avoid that devastation. ~♢~


To the West, red sand dunes, and colorful mesas. To the East, hills of tall grass dotted by oaks. The Sterling Strait makes up the Southern coastline. Opelia’s Kindred Mountains lie to the North.

Places of Note:
FURY AND SERENE: Large twin rivers that form from the peaks of the Kindred Mountains. Fury is to the West and Serene is to the East.
SELUNE’S EYE: A spherical rock formation in the West mesas that has a ghostly glowing property under moonlight.
VALLEY OF THE MOONFLOWERS: A vast meadow valley covered in moonflowers. It is known as a site of intense and chaotic magic.
OAKHEART GRANARY: The Oakheart is an ancient tree that is the inspiration for Myrin’s symbol. It is peppered with holes that serve as homes for generations of Wisp Woodpeckers.