~♢~ Arm outstretched, Arquwe Elanadin’s eyes start to glow white hot as crackling electricity arcs between the rings on their fingers. The electricity gathers, weaving an erratic ball until it bursts into a bolt of lightning. It travels across the arena, ricocheting off the sand leaving smooth glass in its wake. Finally landing in the shoulder of Arquwe’s opponent, sending a wave of crawling electricity across her body. Glissara Lixen stares down at the branching burns left on her forearm by the now fizzling lightning. A mist starts to cling to her opalescent twisting horns. Her pupil-less eyes don’t give away much, but her curling sneer does. Her pale skin blends in with a gathering fog. As she dissipates, another arc of lighting creates a hole in the swirl of mist where Glissara once was. She reappears behind Arquwe, a seed of green flame in her palm, that grows into a sickly blade of fire. Arquwe quickly turns, the rows of earrings on their long elven ears clacking together, only in time to see Glissara’s face warped behind a slash of flame. Stumbling backwards Arquwe grasps their chest. A subtle blue light shines through their fingers, and their burns scab over. Glissara swings again, but this time they parry the blow with a shield of blue arcane energy. Again, with a frustrated groan the blade of fire comes down on Arquwe, but this time they grab Glissara’s wrist mid-strike. The veins on the underside of Glissara’s wrist begin to darken with infection. Her lips become dry and cracked, the sweat pulled from her brow, and even the watery shine in her eyes evaporates. Her raspy voice tries to croak a spell, but only a wheeze comes out. The green flame dies in her hand. With a winning smile Arquwe lets her go. Glissara looks up at them with enraged bloodshot eyes. Arquwe takes one step back, flicks their wrist in a flourish, releasing a last lash of lightning. Glissara drops. Rows of onlookers from the coliseum seats erupt into a roar of cheers. ~♢~


POPULATION: ~250,000,000
CAPITAL: Xenivae
SYMBOL: Wooly mammoth with intricately carved tusks.
STABILITY: Unoccupied, retains neutrality


The most powerful magic-wielders also hold the most powerful positions. The High Archmage is the most revered position, as the lead political figurehead. The rest of the court is titled by color, each position is master in their own school of magic.
HIGH ARCHMAGE ~ Maud Roquellet
RED MAGE ~ Necromancy
ORANGE MAGE ~ Transmutation
YELLOW MAGE ~ Divination
GREEN MAGE~ Evocation
BLUE MAGE~ Illusion
PURPLE MAGE~ Enchantment
BLACK MAGE - Abjuration
WHITE MAGE - Conjuration

History and Culture

THE PEOPLE: High Elves, Halflings, Firbolgs, Air Genasi


Within the legend of the stars that Selune sent to form the first people, it is often regarded (in Lyevinus) that the brightest and largest stars landed within their borders.


Though religion varies greatly throughout Amordia and Lyevinus, within large cities religion is almost a fad. The religion of which the Yellow Mage is, becomes the most “popular” with the shallower members of high society.


MAGE FIGHTS: A well renowned gladiatorial, thunderdome-like competition where spellcasters from across the world gather to see who is best. It is bombastic, brutal, and bloody. Current members of the court do not participate, however to gain a position an appearance in the Mage Fights is an unsaid requirement. Very few gain prestige without participating.
ICE FISHING: Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centers, a quaint and somewhat harsh, icy life is left for the rest of Lyevinus denizens. Salmon, sturgeon, and other fish hardened for arctic conditions are an important part of the culture. Thus, ice fishing, and fish festivals are common throughout the year.

~♢~ Lyevinus covers tundra, evergreen and icy crystal forests. Homes are often hollowed out from the crystal forest or crystal is used as a building material. The inside of hollowed out crystals are inexplicably bigger than the outside and capable of holding a warm, lush environment. Often this magic is incorporated into their sailing ships, which makes navigating the Bracing Sea much more comfortable. The capital city is within the walls of a great dome of crystal, carved from a giant crystal clump to almost resemble a turtle shell. Lyevinus is governed by a magocracy, meaning those with magical abilities are held by society as higher privilege, and the most powerful of those are placed into governing positions. Though this kingdom is slightly isolated from the rest of the world, Lyevinus is known for their Sick Mage Battles. Once a year, magic users of all sorts from all over are invited to test their mettle in a thunderdome-like competition. When Myrin was in conflict with Heket, Lyevinus chose to stay neutral. ~♢~


In winter Lyevinus is treacherously snow-full. The summers seem just as cold, but the plants bloom in the snowmelt. Centrally, Lyevinus is covered in crystal forests, large surface formations of semi-transparent magic crystals. To the West a tundra of shallow hills that turn into meadows dotted with ponds in the summer. To the East, broken islands that harbor fishing communities and ferries to Stalvrock.

Places of Note

THE ICE PALACE: Within the crystal-turtle-shelled-dome of Xenivae lies a magnificent palace of ice and crystal. Waterfalls frozen in place, ice sculptures that are supernaturally shiny, and an exotic menagerie to match.
MORSE GLACIER: A long standing glacier near the Northern shore that is frequented by walrus huddles.
CHATCHKA ISLAND: One of the Easterly islands that has a high point perfect for viewing the Aurora Borealis.
ZINNIA’S BATTLE FIELD: A battle fought centuries ago that was magically frozen in time amidst the thick of it. No one knows who was able to conjure such powerful magic to freeze so many people, or when it might unfreeze. It is kept under guard for unknown reasons, and trespassing is a serious crime.