The Restless Grave
Oneshot Outline

In an Open Grave

Your heart is beating and warmth is in your skin. You remember everything that happened before, a part of you wonders if it was a long dream, but it’s too vivid in your memory. It is still dark. You try to orient yourself, you try to feel your surroundings. You're laying down. The air is cold and musty. You feel damp wood on your back. And also to your sides, and also in front of you. 6 feet of dirt press down onto you, what do you do? With a perception check you may be able to find a string that connects to a bell.
How do you get out of your grave?

The light and warmth of sunlight floods your eyes. You see a clear blue sky. The smell of crisp mountain air, flowers and pine overwhelms you. As you climb, covered in dark soil, grime and splinters. You take in the scene around you. You find yourself in an expansive, sloping and brilliant green meadow. Speckles of yellow, white and blue dots where flowers spring. You're encircled by the high peaks of mountains. In this meadow you can see many, many headstones, statutes, and markers, each with a shiny bell hanging from a wooden post. And a lot of upturned soil. It is green and beautiful and alive, when a gentle breeze blows through making the grass wave and glisten, you also hear a lovely tinkling of bells. You are in The Chiming Meadow. You also spot two other people scrambling their way out of graves. A blue tiefling, a mass of red hair, and a yellow tiefling. Unlike before on the Isle of the Grave, you are marked by how you died. Honey you are soaking wet, the dirt clings to you more than the others. Sean you have black and blue bruises around your neck, and Mirth has a clean scar encircling your neck.
Everyone makes a perception check to notice a bee buzzing from flower to flower. Other than the marks of your death, you are completely fine, you are alive, miraculously. Even though you KNOW you were dead. The worst that you feel is a parched throat. Luckily, at the base of this slope is a small log cabin-looking building. A blue neon light in the window of the cafe invites you to soothe your dry swallows and rest your dusty joints. The neon sign blinks “The Egg’s Break”.

A Fresh Start

Player Characters

Honey, Myrth Lachrymos, and Sh'aeyn (pronounced Sean)