Episodes for every occasion!

Frantically organized, by series, and vibes.

The Original Series

    Season 1
  • Episode 4: The Naked Time
    • Spock says I'm in control of my emotions while crying.
  • Episode 17 : The Squire of Gothos
    • The og Q!
  • Episode 18: Arena
    • GORN!
  • Episode 24: This Side of Paradise
    • Spock gets to be happy for a sec
    Season 2
  • Episode 1: Amok Time
    • obvious resaons, icon
  • Episode 15: The Trouble with Tribbles
  • 17 / 18
    • Candidates
  • Episode 26: Assignment: Earth
    • Spock and cat :3
    Season 3
  • Episode 5: Is there no truth in beauty?
    • A concept I enjoy!

The Next Generation

    Season 1
  • Episode 1: Encounter at Farpoint
    • The legendary Q's introduction. I think a good first episode.
  • Episode 5: Where no one has gone before
    • ThIS alien has fun hands, thoughts meld with science yes!
  • Episode 9: Hide and Q
    • Q episode are just fun, good time.
  • Episode 12: Datalore
    • Data is my blorbo not sorry.
  • Episode 13: Angel One
    • The girlbosses are not the reason I like this episode, though they are fun. Deanna and Tasha laugh at Riker and it's really sweet.
  • Episode 18: Coming of Age
    • So many feelings, Wesley and his Bolian Friend and his kindness, and fears makes me CRY. Growing up and all that jazz. I think picard i a horsegirl in this one?
  • Episode

Deep Space Nine



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